The poetry of code and killer design

Welcome to WaveSummit , my name is James Moxley. I am a Canadian web developer and graphic designer, living and working on Vancouver Island.

WaveSummit the name, reflects a bit about myself, my lifestyle. I like to think a name should reflect the qualities of the business or person. Wave relates to my passion for white water kayaking and surfing, and Summit for my passion for climbing. Summit can mean a gathering and Wave could refer to energy or creative Waves, so this is where they all meet. Welcome to WaveSummit.

This site is my playground and portfolio, experimenting with new ideas and learning as I go along. I hope to share with others what I learn, jumping into the online community, so that I can give back. I will be updating the site more, I'm hoping to publish more of my work on github, as well post more of my artwork on the site.


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Latest Project

Surfcam Visit Surfcam

Created a new Surfcam website for its new partners. The site was rebuilt using Wordpress and Twitter Bootstrap.

Latest Post

Hiking to Cape Scott, which camera to bring?

Written by James Moxley

A few weeks ago, my Dad was coming to Vancouver Island and I booked a place for us to stay in Tofino, but at the last minute, his trip was cancelled. I di…

Date: 2012/07/19